Away We Go

Since we were flying first class and had access to the British Airways Lounge at SeaTac airport, we took an early shuttle to give us time to enjoy the experience. The lounge is split into two rooms, First Lounge for Emerald members or those travelling in First Class and the much larger Terraces Lounge for Business Class and up. We choose the larger one and found seats in front of the windows.

Large and comfy seating area in British Airways Terraces Lounge at SeaTac Airport
The lounge offers flat screen TV’s, work stations, free WiFi, magazines and newspapers, and complimentary beverages and snacks

During the two hours we spent in the lounge, it did get busy but never so much that every seat was taken. Beverage offerings included self-serve coffee, tea, water, and sodas and bar service was available from a small window near the entrance. The food offerings were more snacks than anything of substance but the mini wraps and sandwiches were quite tasty and included vegetarian options. While the bar did have a large selection of spirits, cordials, and aperitifs, it only offered four different beers, one champagne, and a handful of wines (three reds, two whites, and one rose.) I selected a very nice Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand while Rick enjoyed Heineken on tap. This was only our second time in a lounge at SeaTac, the first time being the Club at SEA. Terraces Lounge is larger and has more to offer both food and drink-wise. All in all we enjoyed our time there very much and it was a great way to begin our long journey across the Atlantic.

A nice selection of hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks as well as several types of cookies
Vegetarian offerings included fresh fruit, sliced cheeses, crackers, vegetables and dip
All the food was fresh and tasty. Sandwich selections included tuna salad wraps, turkey and cheese baguettes, and roast beef on marble rye bread (my favorite!)

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