Flying in style

If you ever get the chance to fly first class, especially on an overseas flight, take it. It’s not something we could ever afford on a cash basis but with our Alaska Airlines miles and some money, we were able to fly first class on British Airways from Seattle to London then business class from London to Amsterdam. Besides access to the lounge and priority boarding, we were personally escorted to our seats by one of the flight attendants and were treated like VIP’s the entire flight. Every attendant addressed us as Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez and catered to our needs cheerfully and professionally. As soon as we were seated, the champagne began to flow and we were given our amenities kits and pajamas. Our seats were side by side with a sliding window in between. The seat itself wasn’t as wide as I had expected but the open suite was very roomy length-wise and the seat reclined all the way to a flat bed. It also had lots of space to set things down and a small closet for my coat. The flat screen was a good size and the headphones were the real deal not just earbuds.

Our seats in first class 1E and 1F. There are 14 open suites on British Airways 777-300.

Everything was easily in reach as the remote for the entertainment system and headphone jacks were just to the side of the seat. The extra large tray table was stored in a compartment also to the right and the flat screen was a short reach away. I thought the little lamps were a nice touch. We had the option of dining together in the same suite or in our own seats. Since we’d be inseperable for the next 16 days, we opted to dine in our seats.

My pajamas, headphones, amenities kit, and champagne.
Lots of leg room and the jumper seat can be used as a second seat for dining. The bed turn down service was very nice.

Shortly after take-off our lunch menus arrived along with rolls and butter. For starters, I had the fresh seasonal salad with red wine vinaigrette and Rick ordered the seared fresh tuna tataki on dressed wakame salad. There were five main courses to choose from and I selected the seared fillet of Herefordshire beef with roasted peppers which was quite tasty. Rick enjoyed his buttermilk-marinated breast of chicken with Parma ham, honey-glazed fig wedges, and Mediterranean lentil salad. He opted for a cheese plate for dessert while I had the warm blackberry and vanilla tart. I had several glasses of a very nice Sauvignon Blanc while Rick enjoyed a Cabernet with his meal and a Portuguese tawny port after dinner.

My main course of Herefordshire beef served on real china. A fresh linen tablecloth was placed before each meal.

After all the plates were cleared, I decided to get comfy and put on my jammies. While the restroom was a bit larger than the ones in coach, it still resembled a closet with a sink and toilet. There was a pull-down platform for changing which made it a little easier. By the time I got back to my seat, the bed had been made up with a quilted bottom pad, pillow, and comforter. Sleep beckoned so I put in my ear plugs (which I didn’t really need as first class was very quiet) and went off to dreamland until I awoke to the smell of cooked sausage. Breakfast was served a few hours before landing and included a choice of various rolls with jam and butter, juice, coffee, or tea. A traditional English breakfast of eggs, sausage, tomatoes, and potatoes was also offered. Even though I wasn’t very hungry, it smelled so good, that I went ahead ordered it. It was quite tasty and along with some hot coffee, was a great way to end the long flight and to start a new day’s adventure.


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