I became hooked on both photography and travel writing at a fairly young age, so my ventures into blogging have been a great way to combine the two. If you’ve read my other blog, terriandrickdoeurope, you’ve heard all about mine and hubby Rick’s previous adventures in Amsterdam, Paris, Bruges, and Reykjavik. You’ll also know that we’re not “tour group” people but rather independent travelers who like to live like locals as much as possible. That doesn’t mean that we don’t do touristy things, but that we make sure to not fill every second of every day with things to do and sites to see. A friend told me before our very first trip to Paris to be sure to spend equal time on culture and on commerce. We took her advice and rather than cramming multiple museums into one day, we spent the morning at the Louvre museum (culture) and the afternoon people watching at a sidewalk cafe while sipping wine (commerce.) It was great advice as it allowed for a more relaxed and personal trip. My hope for this blog is that I too can impart some good advice to my readers or at the very least, share some cool photos and tips on what “not” to do.

Terri in Amsterdam

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Terri G.